Price: $$

Updates: Quarterly

Customization: Unlimited Segments

Platinum Distributors: Message-on-Hold

This program is for the distributor who wants

unlimited flexibility and personalization with

their new productions every quarter.

Platinum Plus

This program is for the progressive distributors

who want to keep up to date with new

productions every quarter.

Platinum Preferred

Price: $

Updates: Quarterly

Customization: One (1) Segment

More PPG affiliated businesses use MusicAire that any other provider. Click on LEARN MORE for the programs below to access samples and our detailed offers for the PPG Network.

“We have been using MusicAire for our on-hold messaging for many years. We have received many compliments on the quality and professionalism of our messages from customers, vendors, and business parteners. Along with info about products, we have shared training, offered services, announced specials, and welcomed new customers to new locations as we needed. We have always been satisfied with MusicAire productions.”

Gary Baumgarner