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Platinum Plus Program


This program is for the distributor who wants unlimited flexibility and personalization with their new productions every quarter. Each program contains four minutes of top-of-the-line music and includes six to eight personalized segments, specifically written for your business. This plan gives you the ultimate in flexibility for your marketing program. Keep your customers informed with the latest PPG products and services.

  • $649 Annual Subscription

  • $199 Each Additional Location (same exact production)

  • $229 Personalized Additional Location (each location has personalized name changes)

  • Shipping is included in price

Need an on-hold system? We have high quality systems available with 5 year parts/labor warranty. Contact us for special PPG pricing!
BAPS - MusicAire
Painter's Supply - MusicAire
PPG On Hold Demo - MusicAire
Still the One - Deltron - MusicAire

“I have been using Alan and MusicAire for 4 years now. The service really makes us sound profressional. I have had customers tell me that the topics discussed are of interest to them. MusicAire is also very helpful; they remind me of script deadlines, and suggest material to have on my messages. I would never do without this service. Their service is worth every penny!”

Leon Bosquet

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